Handiquip was founded in 1990 as a material handling supply company. Initially, Handiquip served big box stores, retailers, and warehouses. In 1995, the company turned its focus to GSE (ground support equipment), and hasn’t looked back since. Handiquip was able to leverage its strong manufacturing capabilities to include GSE parts for non-machine equipment such as baggage carts and dollies.

As an organization, Handiquip has always placed a supreme focus on quality, product effectiveness, and affordability. Handiquip’s transition into manufacturing GSE parts gave the industry a company that they could trust. As a result, Handiquip’s reputation grew, and the stories of reliability, unparalleled service and lead times quickly spread across the industry.

Today, Handiquip GSE is one of the most trusted names in the industry. With over 20 years of experience manufacturing only the most reliable replacement parts, Handiquip has continually exceeded the high expectations of its customers. Companies looking for common replacement parts for GSE equipment know to turn to Handiquip first. And with warehouse facilities in New Jersey, Florida, Texas, California, Canada, and Mexico, Handiquip has a strong presence across North America. However, Handiquip isn’t content to simply provide high quality service. The company is constantly looking to innovate and expand its product offerings.

Handiquip offers a wide range of parts and accessories, for GSE Equipment and vehicles including baggage tractors, belt loaders, baggage carts, push back tractors, water vehicle passenger stairs, and engine oil components. The company has expanded its product lines to include replacement parts for cargo loaders, push back tractors, deicers fuel tankers, air start units, lavatory units, AC units, and GPUs.

In 2008, Handiquip acquired Ruggard Tires, a brand with a strong reputation for manufacturing GSE tires. Shortly after that acquisition, Handiquip purchased Vector MFG, a leading design and manufacturing firm. These acquisitions allowed Handiquip to improve its product reliability and efficiency, which ultimately resulted in cost savings for customers.

Handiquip continues to grow and innovate today. The goal is for Handiquip to meet the changing needs of its customers in a competitive and demanding industry. And that means being prepared to manufacture new products as the spectrum of GSE parts changes and evolves. This level of adaptability has allowed Handiquip to grow its customer base to include leading international airlines, cargo handlers, and ground handlers at airports across the country and the globe.

Although Handiquip innovation and product development has played a major role in its growth, the company’s core focus is the commitment to its customers. Handiquip takes pride in providing its customers with a professional, consistent, and timely experience. The attention to detail and the customization to customer specifications are traits that most GSE companies simply can’t match. Companies that work with Handiquip get comprehensive inventory support, high quality products, and a level of consistency and excellence that is second to none.